Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Suits & Ties

The sexiest thing right now I see ladies in are suits and ties.
Whether its a fitted suit or is loose fit, shit is awesome.
Looking through magazines and just thinking of things myself, its time that we dominate the male wardrobe and show`em how its done.
Suits come in different kinds of material and patterns, aim to BE FASHION FORWARD!
Mix and Match.
Bold colors and patterns.
Trendy vs urban.
For those who can pull it off, I hope you enjoy it, suits are def in season for us ladies.
Please be aware if you try to wear the fitted form suits please have everything nipped and tucked and loose and sagging.
Every suit should look crisp and clean.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Memoirs Of Tasha Nicole

I want to turn a journal into a memoir[novel].
Basically about my life and more so of what is happening right now.
I am basically brainstorming right now, it is pretty much still under construction.
I would like to include an autobiography so you can get to know a little bit about me.
Include some of works[poems], pictures, and journal entries as well with you.
I am a free- spirit so anything goes.
Here are some possible chapters: 
  • Relationship with my parents
  • Friendships/ Ex-Friendships
  • Poems
  • Relationships
  • Dreams
  • Morals
  • Journal Entries 
Like I stated before everything is still under works, so I will keep you all posted. 
I will like to share my world with you so you can see me for me.

Monday, September 21, 2009

One Day

One day I hope my life will change for the better.
Sometimes I love being misunderstood.
But yet there is a void that needs to be filled.
One day maybe I won’t have so much insecurities.
I feel unworthy, ugly, and lonely.
Still waiting for you to rescue me.
One day I will learn to just let go and walk away.
So many problems and no solutions.
Begin to self-destruct.
One they will see me for me.
The free spirit.
The multi-talented one of a kind trendsetter.
One they will not judge me.
But love me for me.
I feel abandoned and orphan-ish.
One I will accomplish all my goals.
Clothing line.
Flipping houses.
One day I will have two beautiful kids.
Who will love me unconditionally.
And I will protect them in every way possible.
One day I will see my worth.
How unique I am.
How beautiful I am.
One day.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Friendships outside of your relationship

This subject is very touchy but definately needs to be talked about. Some people think that you can't have friendships outside of your intimate relationship. In my opinion I think everybody should have a few friendships outside of their relationship for a balance or equilibrium. You don't have to agree with me but this is what I think and feel. Alot of people think its wrong to have friendships beside your relationship, why? I really don't know. My thing is when i'm with someone, if you trust me then you have nothing to worry about. If you don't trust me, then why are still here? Feel me? Everyone deserves friends outside of their relationship to keep their head level and steady. I am a free-spirit so I do as I please, I choose who to call my friends and who I delete out of my life. I am big on astrology, thats how I basically choose my friends, I can tell you I only have three people that I can safely say are my friends. In life its all about choosing the right people and feeling shit out and seeing how fxcked up alot of people are. Don't let anyone tell you, you can't have friends when you're in a relationship..We all human and we all equal bottomline.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Retirement of The High-Waisted Anything.

Okay, this really GRINDS my gears. All these females that rock these high-waisted anything, skinny jeans, shorts or skirts! I can't stand seeing those damn things, my soul can't take it. I think that they were poorly designed and these knock-off stores make them look so cheap and they look like they are easy to tear. Why would you want to purchase something like that? On top of that they think they can just wear any old shirt with it and call it a day. Don't get me started on the footwear they chose to dress the whole thing up with. I am a designer, I do have two pieces of clothing with high-waisted but I can guarantee it is something you would want to buy and wear. The ones that I see now, I have no INTENTIONS on buying any of them, and I know quite a few females who will not buy them either. If you going to rock them, at least dress that shit up till you can't anymore because they just look so horrible when you just throw them on and any shirt with it. C'mon ladies, think, use your brain. If you don't want to be talked about then don't come outside with them on looking a hot funky mess. That's all I have to say, had to get that off my chest.


Sometimes I find it hard to breathe.
The silence and the pain overwhelms me.
I feel numb and abandoned.
My parents don't love me.
They don't want me.
Growing up, I've always been alone.
Always had to love myself first 'cuz no one else would.
Till this day I have anger issues and I wonder why.
Shit, i'm left to just ponder and cry.
The skies don't give me answers.
I see why people kill their parents.
I see why people resent them.
I see why most people hate them.
But yet I still care for mine.
I do it, 'cuz its the GOD in me.
My truth.
I try to set myself free.
Yet i'm still trapped.
I try to look within.
But yet my soul is still empty.
I ask why.
Why did this shit happen to me?
Full of anger and pain.
Damn, i'm losing myself again.
I can't anymore.
I'm tired of losing the battle.
I push myself, till I can't push any further.
I'm done.
How did I become so strong?
Loving myself?
Looks like i'm going to make it.
Tasha G.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Followers and Posers.

Alot of females that I see or that are around me try to be something or someone they`re not.
Why? I really don't know.
They buy things they won't normally buy because they wanna be someone else.
Some portray themselves as bougouis or posers.
Personally I think these females don't know who they are or where they came from.
They are like little school girls imitating what they see on tv or what other females are doing.
Wanna know what that is called? A follower.
Be a leader, trendsetter, or a role model.
Why do you want to do exactly what another chick is doing?
I may never understand it, because I am my own person.
I follow my own trend, rules, and I have my own brain.
I still know people from high school that are still following other people.
Grow up already!
Followers are one of my top five pet peeves, I can't tolerate it.
It's like im grown but I have a twin or I feel like im a triplet or something.
If you live on your own and you still all up in somebody's ass crack.
Boo boo you have a major problem!
Don't ask me where I got my shoes, so you can go buy the exact same pair!
Please DONT do that!
Cut the crap and start your own trends!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

On Call Stylist

Well not a lot of people can dress themselves, and when they do try they look like somebody threw up on them. A lot of people come to me for advice or a change in wardrobe. If you know what you like and you know what doesn't go together you should be fine, just dont throw things together and call it a day. Once you step outside a thousand eyes are on you, whether you know it or not. Like I always tell people BE FASHION F0RWARD! For instance don't wear a navy polo or a button down with a dark wash pair of jeans, you dress darks with something light or with linen pants. I create my own ideas for different articles of clothing for both sexes, moving into spring of `10 I will start working on my male clothing line so fellas I am here to help you out. The mens line won't be streetwear its more high fashion and some what casual. I am excited and ready to share with you guys what I have planned. So if you think you need a new change in wardrobe or advice drop a message or comment and I will help you in anyway that I can.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

FALL Fashion UNDER $50

Ladies Fall is here again and I have some websites that you can go to so you can shop during the recession for under $50 whether you are recession proof or not. Good stuff right? Check it out!
Here are some of the websites that you can go and shop:

Poetry Slam

“The Way That I Love You”
Words will never explain the feelings I have for you.
It’s been 365 days and I still get butterflies when you look into my eyes.
You are so sincere.
Caring, affectionate, and loving.
How did I get so lucky?
Since day one I knew I would fall in love with you.
You make sure that I am safe and well kept.
Whenever I am with you, I am so relaxed and I am myself.
The way that I love you will never change.
The love I have for you will always be in my heart.
By. Tasha G.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Relationship Strains

I don't speak alot on relationships but I think I should blog at least one good time about them. Relationships to me, mean its a partnership, a friendship, and a commitment between two people who deeply care about each other. A relationship will progress when people are open, honest, and truthful with one another, in other words that's how it will be successful and work. Although relationships can vary from months up until years there are some strains or obstacles that can cause issues and conflicts that often lead to breakups,cheating, and heartbreak. I will list a few that I think that cause alot of issues.
  • Time restraints- alot of people don't know how to balance their time so therefore, one partner will often feel lonely or will feel like they need to find someone else to fill that void. Time should be worked out evenly because nobody should feel like they are in a relationship by themselves.
  • Honesty- why is it so hard for people to be real and truthful? Its time to grow up and stop lying, I rather someone be 100 percent with me then lie to me and then I have to find out another way. Honesty is one of the major elements of making a relationship work no matter what. You don't have honesty then you don't have shit.
  • Trust- If you can't trust your partner, why are still with them? Ask yourself that question and if you don't have a logical answer then get the stepping and don't look back.
  • Mama's boys & girls- I hear bout this all the time and see it all the time. It's said when you feel like you dating the mama too, MAMA LET THEM G0! Either the girlfriend/boyfriend isn't good enough, or they always want to be included in the couples plans. My thing is you are married or have someone in your life, let them entertain you, stop interfering in your child's love life.Those who move back in with your mama just to be up under her, SHAME on you, you are grown and trying to have a relationship, no partner should have to suffer and have to feel like they are second best and on the back burner. Trust its not a nice feeling at all.
  • Cheating- I'm not going to lie I did it, and it never felt good, but I have learned and matured, its never worth it in the end. So I always ask WHY? Was it worth it? 100 percent of the time the answer is no it wasn't worth it, so stop hurting your partner. If you don't want them anymore just leave and go about your business instead of cheating and hurting them. 

Relationships aren't a game, depending on the person you chose it may be a long term thing and not a play thing. 

Monday, September 7, 2009

How to Get Rid of Dark Spots

Always wonder how to get rid of those dark spots on your face? Well I might just have some tips for you ladies who want help. There are various causes for hyper-pigmentation such as hormonal changes due to pregnancy or menopause, vitamins[A,B,and E], minerals, and calcium. The sun also plays the major role in the increase of dark spots on your face. Here are some tips to help reduce some of these dark spots:
  • use SPF15 or higher daily
  • do not pick pimples for they will leave scarring
  • use gentle exfoliating face washes so you don't tear your skin
  • use toners to even out skin complexion
  • use moisturizers so your face won't be dried out and flakey

Friday, September 4, 2009

People Who Obsess over ATTENTION!

Can I ask question?
Why do people do the stupidest things just to get attention from you?
Male or female, I will never understand it.
I can't go anywhere without a male or female doing or saying some dumb shit just to try to get some damn attention from me.
If I dont know you or like you STOP going out your way to get me to entertain your lame ass.
I experience various situations with both sexes I'm going to give you an example from both sexes.
Males: Say Slim! You got a man? Wanna be friends? [NOTE TO YOU: If I DO N0T look at you or give you any indication that I know that you exist D0NT BOTHER wasting your time.]
Females:[this is can go on for days]
  • Looks: Eyeballing the hell out of me and don't say shit.[speak your mind trick]
  • Oral: "I can't stand her ass".[One, you don't know me kid, don't get it twisted and Two, I don't givva good got damn if you do or don't THEE END!]
  • With friends:"Who is she?" Where she from?"[DON'T worry bout me playa, just do you and I'ma keep doing me ya feel me?]
People obsess over drawing attention to theirselves or want it from other people.
Get a freakin life why don't you?
I'm not gonna front sometimes its entertaining, cuz all I'm gonna do is laugh in your damn face.
And sometimes its just so damn annoying.
Many people need to go and seek help cuz that shit aint cute at all.

Fashion and Music

Whenever F.I.E.R.C.E gets ready for the day, i pick out my get up while listening to music. Music is an inspiration and a jump start to my day dont you agree? I listen to the right song and I choose yet another trendy outfit. I am my OWN TRENDSETTER ya feel me?

Songs: One Love -Trey Songz
              Beat It Up -Gucci ft. Trey Songz

If you haven't heard them familarize yourself with them ASAP!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Be Fashion Forward

I love to give excellent fashion advice just like I would love to give excellent customer service. I tell everyone that I come encounter with to be different than the next person. I say that because I'm tired of everyone running around acting like they have twins or they just don't know how to dress period. I am not afraid to share my opinions on clothing and what one should wear. I am a daring person and I always DARE TO BE DIFFERENT. If you want to own the streets as your runway well baby dolls step out like you are going to rip the damn runway okay? BE FASHION FORWARD! I love people who take risks, mixed and match, and put pieces and ensembles together that nobody else would dare wear. I LOVE IT! I personally do it everyday. I can go from urban, couture, and DARING! I always stress to be different and thats all you have to do to stand out from anybody else. By me being fashion forward I get endless compliments and hateful stares, don't be hateful just do it people! Need advice? I am here 24/7 to guide and assist you!

What's with all the KNOCK OFFS?

I am a college student and i honestly have to say my campus is a total zoo and freak show. I came from the fashion capital[New York], all the way to Houston. I must say these people all dress the same unless they dare to be different like me or they are from a different state. Anywho, I just want to address my constant sightings of knock offs of everything. Everything from "Gucci", "Louie", "Fendi" need I say more? My opinion on this is if you cant afford it just LEAVE it alone! I am the type of person who will spot you out and tell you, you need to return that shit to the swap meat! I consider myself as the fashion guru down here because I feel like these females and males need guidance on their wardrobe. Most are still wearing shit that no longer in style, c`mon guys CUT THAT SHIT OUT! I am 100% honest and I will tell anybody upfront what it is and what it's not. I sleep, eat, and breathe FASHION! So I wish someone would try me on what I know and how I dress. All I have to say is BREATHE me and you will see I am totally DIFFERENT. I was not born a twin so I will not walk around campus like i have one kapeesh? But all these fake bags, hats, and shoes..people KNOCK IT OFF!