Friday, November 27, 2009

Affordable Spring 2010 Fashions

Spring 2010 is just around the corner.
We are still in a recession, and just like some of you Forever 21 is one of my stores.
So I took the time to do some searching on some Spring styles that will be coming out.
We all need to stay in style but also need to afford our trends as well.
Many of us like to mix and match or match or put spins in things.
Ladies I'm about to hook ya'll up with some cute little peeks.



Here are some websites you can also check out for affordable looks:
Find the look you want and style it, and set your own TREND!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Talented Acapella Singers

A person that I know tweeted this video of two talented girls.
The video is off youtube and these girls are singing acapella and beatboxing.
They are singing Lady Gaga's Bad Romance.
I chose to blog about these two ladies because I want to hear more from them.
I believe they can really blow[sing].
If you have that talent why not share it with other people so that we can hear and support you.
This is just my opinion and I really enjoyed hearing them sing.
 I love Lady Gaga, and I think their selection was awesome!
I hope they continue to bless us with their incredible voices.
Take a look at their video below:

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Rihanna Rated R

Rihanna is a very talented pop artist.
Blazing through the mainstream with her music and her awesome talent.
Through all the horrible things she been through with the press and the incident with Chris Brown, she remains one of my favorite artists.
Many females critize Rihanna and talk down on her just because of what she choices to do and wear.
These females are scared, hateful, and full of envy.
They only wish they could be in her shoes, instead of congratulating her on her success they talk TRASH!
I am and always will be a fan of Rihanna.
In my eyes she is talented, beautiful, and has blossomed into a young lady who knows what she wants.
She is a role model for alot of girls, young or middle aged.
She is daring, edgy, and exotic, and females can't see her for what she really is.
Through all the rumors and bad remarks Rihanna keeps pushing and doesn't let anything or anyone hold her back.
When you are at the top or on your way to the top, people will do anything to try to pull you down because they can't be like you.
Women are very vindictive and envious.
I'm a fan and supporter of Rihanna, nobody will ever change that but Rihanna herself.
Meaning if she has done something I don't completely agree with.
Until then her music blazes through my speakers and subwoofer!
Respect it, end of story!
 Her new album Rated R are in stores now!

Spring 2010 Fashion

Its the end of the year ladies and gents, we all know what that means; SPRING!
I took a peek at the upcoming spring collections by various designers.
The colors, patterns, fabrics used all are unique for every piece and collection.
Various designers already have samples out are: Bottega, Azria, Gucci, Tracy Reese, and Balmain.
I will be featuring a few pieces from each designer addressed above plus more.


Tracy Reese:


Victoria Secret's Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima is my favorite Vicky Secret model.
Her look is very exotic.
Her body frame is curvy and to die for.
Born on June 12, 1981 in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.
At the age of 16, Lima was signed to Elite Model Management.
After that she appeared in many ads from Guess, Mossimo, Victoria Secret, etc.
She constantly appears in the Victoria Secret runway shows & magazines.
She gained the recognition as one of Victoria Secret's perfect 10.

Shakira Pop Sensation

Born in Barranquilla, Columbia.
By the age of seven she was writing song lyrics.
Also at that age is began belly dancing at a Middle Eastern restaurant.
Her unique voice stands out from every other singer.
I love her voice, its very different and distinct.
Her first record signing was with Sony.
In 2000 the artist received the favorite International Artist award from MTV.
Many of you would recognize Shakira singing her smash single "Whenever, Wherever."
Her album "Laundry Service" in 2001 sold 13 million albums.
Another hit single you probably remember her singing is "La Tortura."
With Alejandro Sanz which was #1 on the Hot Latin Tracks Billboard.
The video was aired on VH1 and MTV as the first spanish-language video in a reg rotation.
Shakira became the go-to girl for collaborations for her vocals.
Collaborations with Beyonce, Wyclef, Lil Wayne, and Timberland.
Her album that's out is called She Wolf.
One of her singles on her CD that I love is "Give It Up To Me" ft. Lil Wayne & Timberland.

Tasha Nicole

Here are the elements that make me.
Razor sharp.
Take notes on this key ingredients.
I do what others won't do.
I shoot for the stars and beyond.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Little Angel, Shaniya Davis's Nightmare

      First off I would just like to go in and hard about the whole human trafficking issue. It is beyond wrong, cruel, and down-right degrading. When you bring innocent children into it, it's not a joking manner nor is it funny. I do not have children at the moment yet but my heart goes out to this family that lost their little 5 year old girl who was missing for short time. Shaniya Davis was sold into prostitution by her own mother Antoinette Davis, who herself had the nerve to call 911 and act like she was in grieve that her child was missing from her home. I am angry but not hateful, I am not God and only he can give her, his judgement. I have my own opinions to this whole ordeal, Shaniya was living with her mom by a second chance, and wasn't even enrolled in kindergarten.
          Shaniya was picked up by Mario M., someone she knows and is comfortable. Shaniya was seen on the hotel surveillance camera not in a panic or in a scare. Only the Lord knows what happened after they were out of sight. Shaniya didn't deserve this nor any other children subjected to human trafficking. Just like the family the public is still trying to come to terms with why this all happened and why she had to die, her life didn't even begin yet. All I can say is those who took part will be punished by the ALMIGHTY and Shaniya is with her maker in the great heavens above. Investigators found Shaniya's body yesterday in a wooded area approximately 7 miles from the hotels right next to deer carcasses. They say that Antoniette and Mario where dealing with crack/cocaine and crystal meth, and Antoniette is now pregnant and has another 7 year old at home who will possibly be taken if there are no family members to claim them.
             I don't know what possesses anyone to do this to any child let alone their OWN child. People like this are monsters and don't deserve to have children, they make it hard for people who want kids and who cannot have kids feel bad. I shed tears for this little girl because I have younger sisters and godchildren, I woild kill somebody for some shit like this, the devil is on a true and real rampage and he took these peoples' souls to the point they took this little girl's life and sold her as a sex slave. Something has to give about this human trafficking, because it has to STOP!

Fashionista Victoria Beckham

We all know Victoria Beckham as Posh Spice from The Spice Girls. This Poshy fashionista has taken the fashion industry by storm by creating her own and unique style. I personal chose to write about Mrs. Beckham because she is CERTIFIED FASHION FORWARD and very much so different. She can't be duplicated nor cloned, this sexy vixen is doing her thing with her own clothing line and banging collections. Victoria is VERSATILE and EDGY! I have an inner Posh in me, I'm similiar to her, WE DARE TO BE DIFFERENT. Victoria has come a long way from being in a all girl group, bring on her own, being a mommy, and now a definate trendsetter. What others won't do she will do, what others won't wear she will wear. I love that about here, its daring and risk taking and FXCK what other people have to say! I will show you some of Victoria's edgy styles and some pieces from her collection.

Items from her collection:


Saturday, November 14, 2009

How To Control Stress

Everyone has stress, but not everyone can control.
Do you want to stop or take control of you stress?
Well I am here to help those of you who want to take immediate control of it.
What is stress? Stress is pressure or strain that tends to distort a body. In general, stress is related to both external and internal factors. External factors include the physical environment, including your job, your relationships with others, your home, and all the situations, challenges, difficulties, and expectations you're confronted with on a daily basis. Internal factors determine your body's ability to respond to, and deal with, the external stress-inducing factors. Internal factors which influence your ability to handle stress include your nutritional status, overall health and fitness levels, emotional well-being, and the amount of sleep and rest you get.

Signs of stress are:
  • sleep disturbances
  • muscle tensions
  • headaches
  • gastrointestional disturbances
  • fatigue
How can you manage stress? By exercising! Exercise on a regular basis helps to turn down the production of stress hormones and neurochemicals. Exercise can help avoid the damage to our health that prolonged stress can cause. In fact, studies have found that exercise is a potent antidepressant, anxiolytic (combats anxiety), and sleeping aid for many people.

Saturday, November 7, 2009


I dream of the beginning, middle, and end.
A lot of mishaps and misunderstandings.
Cold shoulders and the silent treatment.
Misery loves company.
It comes to me so clear and I see you.
Slipping away.
It’s like you’re hanging off the edge of the cliff and I am trying to save you.
Do you want to be saved?
They show me your motives, mistakes, and those you don’t care to fix.
I try to wake up, but they let me watch it like a movie.
But in actuality it’s my life, and its reality.
I drop hints, clues, and subliminal messages.
Why still no change?
My heart is already half-broken, why keep throwing salt on it?
They come almost every night and back to back.
Is it a sign to let go or to hold on?
Like they always say time will tell.

By. Tasha G.

Is It Over?

Things begin to change.
Feelings ?
What are those?
Either they’re acknowledged or they’re not.
Look at what we’ve become.
Sometimes I think I’m cursed.
Always the one, ending up getting hurt.
Is it over?
Did I throw some more of my life away?
Why keep opening doors for people, when they don’t want to stay in?
Why love?
When all you do is end up getting hurt.
Your heart ripped out.
All of your energy is drained.
What happens when we both start giving up?
What the fuck happened to us?
Am I not worthy?
Am I doing too much?
Is it over?
Slowly, these pages begin to burn.
Heads start to turn the other way.
I want to keep holding on.
But I’m feeling so torn.
When did we start giving up?
Why is this hurting so much?
Tell me, is it over?
By. Tasha G.

Rihanna's 20/20 Interview

     February of 2009 Rihanna and Chris Brown got into a heated argument that ended up in a violent altercation. Chris Brown put his hands on Rihanna, which he claims he loves and is in love with. According to both of the stars, they were the best of friends that fell quickly in love, and whenever the public eye seen pictures of them they were always happy. I don't pass judgement, and I like Chris Brown as an artist, I never stopped liking him, he is also human and everyone makes mistakes. Its up to him now to accept what he did and deal with the outcome from not only from the person who still loves him but also the fans and the fans he once had.
     I like the stars equally and it was just something that spiraled out of control and nobody seen it coming. Everybody wants to pass judgement like they're GOD and say well Rihanna deserved it and she must've did something to piss him off. WRONG! Its never okay for a man to beat the shxt out of ant woman, PERIOD! For the ignorant women who are out there, throwing shade at Rihanna for speaking out and telling her side after so long, GO KILL YOURSELF! You know damn well if that was your MOM, SISTER, OR GRANNY, you would be ready to send him back home in a body bag so shut that shxt up. As for the dudes condoning Chris's behavior, it goes to show you what kind of men are out there in the world and how they treat their women and how they are going to treat them. I think its just down right sad and ignorant, everybody will recieve their JUDGEMENT from GOD when the day comes, and those who think domestic violence is okay and peachy keen will see.
    My thoughts on how Chris could've handled the situation is that, he got caught in a lie point blank and he should've owned up to it. If he claimed to have loved Rihanna so much he would'nt have allowed himself to get so angry to the point where he "blacked" out and beat her up. Basically ruining both their lives in different ways, Rihanna gets flashbacks to that night by either hearing his name, seeing his face, or seeing the picture of her face from that night. I am saddened by the public, and how females would just dog her for wanting to speak out and try to help other women get out of their abusive ass relationships. It really goes to show you, wut kind of people live in our world honestly. If you missed Rihanna's 20/20 interview I will attach part 1 to this and you can continue from there.



Tuesday, November 3, 2009

"The Love of DC"