Friday, April 30, 2010

Not Myself Tonight.

Lauren Moffatt.

Courtesy of Nylon

Heidi Klum vs. Faith Hill.

Which one of these two ladies wore their zip-detailed dress?
Heidi or Faith?

My vote goes to Faith Hill.
Heidi Klum looks like a stewardess.
Faith fills out her dress without a problem and tops it off with bangin' shoes.
Maybe next time Heidi.

Spotted 118.

Fergie-Ferg was seen in LAX going through security Thursday.
She was all studded out.
I love the Chanel bag to top off the whole outfit.
I wonder if her leggings went off when she went through the metal detectors.

Fashion NO 107.

I respect Fashion but when you do bafoonery like this, you are going to far.
Thats why you should have a stylist.
Kate it looks like you dressed yourself.
Try again.

Ring The Alarm.

Jessica Alba sounds the alarm with her all black ensemble.
When? Thursday
Where? Tribeca Film Festival Awards; New York's Union Square Hotel.


Halle Berrrrrrrry! Halle Berry!
She is as fine as she wants to be for a woman in her forties!
I am loving her dress that bares her back.
Real nice.
Where was she?
The 4th Annual DKMS Linked Against Leukemia  Gala in New York last night.
We see you Halle!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sony World Photography Awards.

Interesting pieces I chose from their selection to share with you all.
Courtesy of World Awards

Mark Twain.

Their costumes, as to architecture, were the latest fashion intensified; they were rainbow-hued; they were hung with jewels--chiefly diamonds. It would have been plain to any eye that it had cost something to upholster these women.
 The Gilded Age

Mark Twain

On Set.

"Te Amo" - Rihanna.
On set of the video shoot.
Where? Paris.
Security on deck for this dame.
Can't wait for the video; hopefully no let downs.

Halle vs. Hilary.

Readers who looks better in their Vera Wang dress?
Halle Berry or Hilary Duff?

I actually like both of these dresses equally.
Work it ladies!

Lets Get Dirty.

How X-Rated can Christina Aguliera get?
The Puppetry of the Penis gave us a sneak peak of how down and dirty the mommy could get, well, we still weren't prepared for the new look she's rocking in her "Not Myself Tonight" video.
Sex sells right?

Tassel Me Chloe.

Chloe tasseled slip-ons.
They are nice and trendy & very chic.
Nice Summer/Fall shoe.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

G-Shit; Tyga ft. Chris Brown.

The Viridi-anne Fall/Winter 2010-11.


Foley x Corinna.

Ladies, are you a party girl?
Well I have some party dresses you might like.
Foley + Corinna has your back.
Originating out of New York's Lower East Side in 1999.
Their Fall collection displays; "vintage-inspired angora sweaters and embossed leather mini-skirts perfect for a night at the Bowery Ballroom (or breakfast at BabyCakes)."
Courtesy of Nylon

Fashion Forward 121.

Street walker.
I love this outfit.
New York setting.
Nice pressed trousers.
&& patent oxford platforms.

Hermes new perfume.

Hermes perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena was asked to mix up a fragrance for travel.
The resulting fragrance is branded Voyage d'Hermes is a captivatingly woody, musky scent that can be worn by both men and women wherever they go. 
The bottle and the description of the scent makes me want to just purchase it just for my travels.

Brunello Cucinelli.

President; Massimo Caronna has opened his store in uptown New York.
The new shop, outfitted with raw-wood farm tables and armoires, is the latest of the label’s 40-some doors around the world.
 It maintains the same summer-home aesthetic—call it resort chic, minus any hint of Margaritaville.
 Caronna says "Cucinelli’s U.S. client base is, in fact, 70 percent tourists, and the Madison Avenue location should offer a welcome post to re-ration en route to Miami or Monaco."
 Like the store, the clothing is exquisitely crafted, light (for the jet set forever in warmer climes), and finely detailed.
 Solomeo crests are hidden behind a jacket lapel, and signature striping peeks out from a shirt cuff.
 And for the aristocrat in repose this season, the label debuts buckskin brogues and a casual, camel-colored spin on the Wallabee.

Courtesy of Style

Sandra Bullock x Adopted Son.

Actress Sandra Bullock has not only filed for divorce from husband Jesse James but she has a adopted a son.
His name is Louis Bardo Bullock.
Inside this issue the actress spills on the confession on that she and Jesse James are heading for divorce.
Her newly adopted tot is 3 1/2 months old.
Louis was born in New Orleans; he was named after Louis Armstrong.
Why? His proud mom heard "What a Wonderful World" after she laid eyes on him.
He is a beautiful baby, and Sandra looks really happy.
I guess that is all she wanted and needed to complete her.
Forget all about Jesse my love!
This issue will hit stands on Friday; so go get yours!

Street Walker Edition Vol.1.

New York and ELLE takes us to all the Fashion Forward street walkers.
NYC's Hester Street Fair.
These ladies are showing us all the chic and urban spring styles of 2010.
Lets see what they have to bring to the table readers.

Retro scheme;

Collegiate Scheme;

70's Scheme;

Walk Through The Park Scheme; *MY FAVORITE*

PEOPLE x Most Beautiful 2010.

Julia Roberts; one of the women chose for PEOPLE's Most Beautiful 2010.
At 42, she is a talented actress and a mother of three.
She is People's cover girl to kick off PEOPLE's Most Beautiful.
The star well be in an upcoming film called Eat, Pray, Love.

Channing Tatum is the man ladies love to see in a uniform.
This married man loves massages, so he tells PEOPLE.
He is one of PEOPLE's most beautiful individuals of 2010.

The gorgeous Zoe Saldana!
She is one of my favorite actresses hands down.
I am not surprised that she is one of PEOPLE's most beautiful.
The huge success of Avatar has landed her all over world on red carpets.
She has also been added to best dressed lists.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Gifts for MOM.

I've done some research and came across some lovely gifts for MOM.
What will you get your MOM this Mother's Day?

Micheal Aram;  Barneys

Lanvin; Net Porter

William Sonoma Pillow; Wsonme

Kim Seybert; Barneys

Karl Lagerfeld Box Set; Coca Cola

Off the Market.

Sorry ladies.
But Channing Tatum is off the MARKET!
The actor was seen with his WIFE; Jenna Dewan.
When? At the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of Earth Made of Glass.
Where? in New York.
"The couple executive produced the political documentary."

Scarlett x Armani.

Scarlett Johansson wears Armani Prive to the L.A premiere of Iron Man 2.
I love; LOVE the look!
The actress told PEOPLE it took alot of hard work to get her body right for the character she played in the feature.
Looking good Scarlett!